About Us

Siddhi Cast Pvt. Ltd has earned reputation built up from supplying a wide spectrum of industries over the past 20 years, founder himself is well experienced in this filed since the year 1984. The company is well managed by technically & financially sound promoters, well supported by experienced engineers, technocrats & skilled committed work force.

We supply raw castings as well fully finished castings to the nationally recognized blue chip businesses & OEMs of domestic and international customers of repute in various industrial market segments such as Automobiles, Tractors, Diesel Engines, Locomotives, Fluid Control Valves, Pumps, Dairy, Switchgears, Compressors, Railways, Defense, Medical, Aero-space, Pipe-Fittings, Kitchenware, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration, General Engineering hardware and other emerging fields where investment casting is inevitable for quality & price advantage. We are proud to announce that we have whole range of satisfied customers both in domestic & foreign market.

Siddhi Cast prefers to engage with their customer's design team & engineers to optimize the casting process & produce best cost effective casting to save on machining and secondary operations where possible. We have the experience in taking up integration of complex assemblies and fabrications redesigning them into commercially & technically viable One Piece Casting with minimum machining requirements. The material selection can also be advised on our extensive knowledge & appreciation of component applications.


Siddhi Cast is ISO 9001 - 2008, PED and AD2000 Merkblatt W0 Certified Company.All industries now demand greater than ever observance of specifications on material, processing, quality control and delivery conditions.In order to satisfy these increasing requirements, Siddhi Cast operates quality control systems throughout the company. These ensure that customer requirements are met through full understanding and attention to detail at all stages of manufacture from enquiry intake to despatch of completed parts.

All production processes inspection and testing procedures are controlled and fully documented. These procedures are maintained through systematic review by internal quality audits.

All inspection and testing equipment is calibrated and traceable to national standards. We operate a spectrometer facility for the chemical analysis of materials along with outside support of CMM for the accurate dimensional measurement of parts along with shadow graph

Research & Development :

Siddhi Cast always aim to stay ahead with time through research and development by adopting new innovating ways & techniques for consistent growth & leadership position with respect to Market’s expectations.

Human Safety

Siddhi Cast comply regulation relevant to the industry and also work with waste management to regulate all harmful materials/effluents. Also comply with working condition and safety norms to safeguard health and safety of the work force and mankind as a whole.