Process :

A brief summary of the investment casting process:

  • Tool Making Process: A CAD designer creates 3D model of the tool from CAD data.
  • Wax Making Process: The tool is used to create a wax pattern, using theromo setting wax injection moulding machines.
  • Wax Assembly Process (Tree): The resulting wax ‘pattern’ is attached to a ‘tree’ (essentially a central wax form)
  • Ceramic Shelling Process: The Wax Assembly is coated in liquid ceramic slurry(silica sol), then a dry ceramic granular layer(stucco) is attached and dried in environmentally controlled conditions, a process that is repeated until the investment reaches the requisite thickness.
  • Dewaxing process: The ceramic shell is finally dried then steam dewaxed to remove the wax.
  • Casting Process: The shell is filled with molten metal (a range of ferrous metals like carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steel, nickel based super alloys, hastelloys duplex, super duplex, inconel, monel etc used in the process) using various techniques.
  • Knock Out (Shell Removal) : Once cooled, the ceramic shell is mechanically removed to reveal the cast metal mould beneath.
  • Finishing Process: Metal Castings are removed from the assembly by various cutting techniques. Once removed, the individual cast parts are worked individually for fatling & subsequent process.
  • Inspection process: Once finished, the casting is inspected using various spectrographic analysis equipment and metallurgical techniques to establish conformance to drawing limits and specifications.
    At Siddhi Cast, we provide a complete solution to your casting needs whether raw or machined /fully finished.

Heat Treatment :

Heat Treatment is an essential part of the complete service that we provide.Whether Ferrous or Non Ferrous alloys, Heat Treatment is a critical stage of the process that enhances the mechanical properties of the material. Our facility is operated by experienced Engineers and overseen by our team of on site Metallurgists. We at Siddhi Cast employ a range of Heat Treatment processes, either undertaken in house or via approved sub-contractors, these processes include normalizing, annealing/solution annealing, hardening and tempering.

Normalizing And Annealing

This heat treatment process conditions the steel so that it achieves a more homogenous structure & improves machinability and removes internal stresses that can build up during the casting and post casting stages of production.

Hardening And Tempering :

This heat treatment process is used to improve the mechanical properties of steels, fatigue life, wear resistance and provide anti corrosion properties.

Machining :

Siddhi Cast is well supported by well equipped machine shop and provides machining solutions for suitable components involving machining operations like CNC & VMC.